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Which Companies Accept Bitcoin in Nottinghamshire UK?

Nov 16

Nottinghamshire is home to several reputable companies that accept Bitcoin, a virtual currency that is popular among online users. Some of these companies include CeX, EDIT, CoolVape, and AutoCoinCars. In addition to Bitcoin, these companies also accept several alt-coins.


CeX is an online store that accepts Bitcoin as a payment option. The company claims to be the largest Bitcoin retailer in the UK, with over two hundred shops under its franchise. The company has made it a point to accept only Bitcoin as a form of payment, and it also pays out in Bitcoin when customers sell their used electronics. For example, selling an iPhone 6 in one of its stores can earn you 2.36 Bitcoin, while selling a PS4 can fetch you 0.86 Bitcoin.

CeX has also launched the first Bitcoin ATM in Scotland. The company has plans to install five more of the machines throughout the UK, though locations have not been confirmed. It is also planning to hold the Bitcoin at a central location so that customers can avoid fluctuations in the price of the cryptocurrency. The volatility of the cryptocurrency has scared away many businesses, but CeX says it is doing its part to stabilise the currency and prevent it from falling too low.


Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is traded online without a central authority. This makes it anonymous, cheap to exchange and secure. However, it has not yet been widely accepted. If you're interested in accepting Bitcoin, here are some options: Imaginaire Digital, Lindleys Autocentres, and many others.

Bitcoin is gaining popularity in the UK. The number of businesses accepting it is increasing. Bitcoin is a globally-recognised digital currency. It's estimated that 82% of UK adults will have heard of it by 2021. Many small and medium-sized companies are now taking Bitcoin.


One of the UK's top smoke and vape communities has announced that it accepts Bitcoin for its online purchases. The announcement was made mid-June, a little more than a month after PlutoPete, a major head shop in the Darknet, announced that it would accept Bitcoin for its online purchases. Founded in 2001, the company has a loyal following of herbal enthusiasts and ents, with over 50 million visitors a month.


In Nottinghamshire UK, an online car marketplace, AutoCoinCars, has launched, accepting Bitcoin for payment. The company aims to provide a secure and fast buying and selling experience for cryptocurrency users. As of now, over 850 dealerships use the platform to accept crypto payments. The company is run by Luke Willmott, a Nottingham-based entrepreneur who also owns a gym.

AutoCoinCars is a UK-based automotive trading website that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Its website offers a comprehensive database of cars and offers price quotes in Bitcoin or GBP. This makes it easy to find what you're looking for. There's a huge variety of vehicles for sale on the site, from vintage to modern. The company has partnered with some of the country's biggest automobile sellers.

Umega Lettings

Umega Lettings is an Edinburgh-based letting agent that accepts Bitcoin in its payments. The company started accepting the cryptocurrency in 2013, when they noticed a demand in the housing market from international students. They now accept Bitcoin in the payment process for all their lettings and other services.

EDIT smoke shop

Bitcoin is the new rage for head shops, and a British smoke and accessories shop is the latest to make the move. Everyone Does It, which opened online in 2001, is now accepting Bitcoin payments. The headshop claims that it receives over 50 million visits per month and is the first UK head shop to accept the currency.