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4 Tips and Insurance Claims Advice Following Storm Damage

Jan 4

If you aren't regularly maintaining your home, your storm damage insurance claim might be denied by the insurance company because of your contributory negligence. According to the majority of insurance laws, you are required to act with reasonable care and preventative maintenance of your property falls under that category. Our article below is advice straight from the certified public insurance adjusters las vegas and restoration experts.

The maintenance strategies for preventative maintenance listed below are the most effective way to avoid from causing damage to your home during storms, and this will ensure that any damage that occurs unexpectedly will be taken care of by your insurance company. We recommend you consult a licensed public adjuster to identify any problems in your home's exterior or inside. This will ensure that you are adequately prepared for unexpected damage like extreme weather flooding, heavy rains and hail storms, powerful winds and other severe conditions.

#1: Clean Your Guts

It's a messy task, but it's essential to have functioning gutters in order to limit rain damage as you can. If you're unable climb on a ladder safely and comfortably, you should call an experienced gutter cleaning service. Certain contractors for roofing and the exterior provide this service. Check your downspouts in order to ensure that they are properly drainage of water away from the foundation.

#2 Check your roof for any leaks

Check your roof for leaks. Verify the flashing around the breaks in the roofing , like vent pipes, skylights, and the area where the roofing is in close proximity to chimneys and walls. Also, check for missing shingles. It is difficult for non-experts to identify minor leaks in the roof but even minor roof leaks can cause extensive storm damage to your home. Since many insurance policies require homeowners to conduct periodic basic preventative maintenance, it is crucial to have an expert inspect your roof to identify any issues. To prevent minor leaks from developing into major problems, consult a roofing contractor who is licensed.

To protect your home from water damage due to severe storms and water leakage ensure that your gutters are kept clean

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#3 Inspect the Foundation of your Home for Cracks, Gaps and Potential Leaks

Water that is able to enter a house via the outside is excluded from coverage in nearly all homeowner's insurance policies. Most people are unaware that floods constitute a separate cover under a separate policy (if provided at all), and water infiltrating from the outside is thought to be as a flood. It is best to contact an experienced contractor to address any leaks, but you can stop water from entering the home through caulking cracks or gaps around windows and doors using a siliconized exterior caulk, such as GE Siliconized Sealant.

#4 Verify Property for Trees that might be uprooted and cause storm damage

You must inspect the trees that surround your home. Trees that are diseased or dead are more vulnerable to being cut down by strong winds which can cause significant damages to your home. A professional should be able remove dead, dying or weak trees that are on your property.

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